Estimating Services

We established this popular “in house” service because, quite simply, most people do not have the time, skills or experience to work up precise estimates, the accuracy of which is crucial to the success of any project. The cost of estimate inaccuracy can be very significant, leading to all the attendant risks of budget and timescale overruns. With the Marshall estimating service clients can sit back and relax without fear of unexpected surprises or cost increases during the course of their project.

All that clients need to do is present us with plans and, free of charge, we will provide a detailed breakdown of all costs and timescales showing separate plant, material and labour costs for each stage of the works from excavation through to decoration. This is underpinned by the supply of easily-understood charts and graphs that show exactly where your money is being spent and also where possible savings could be made.

Over twenty-years of practical experience in the building trade enable us to supply such comprehensive and credible breakdowns; for everything from a new house to a relatively small decorating job. Why not give us a call to chat through your requirements?